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Self-tapping screws, screws, dowels, clamps, anchors, fasteners, clamps, nails, mounting foams, etc.

METFIX GROUP has been supplying screws, screws, dowels, consumables, fasteners for fittings, anchors, fasteners, clamps, nails, mounting foam, sealant. Our extensive expertise and using components from leading manufacturers is the main reason why the customers choose us.
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About OMAH

A wide range of plastic fasteners has been produced at the new production facilities: dowels, rebar fixers, fasteners for insulation materials, and a workshop for packing fasteners into small consumer packaging has also been opened.
  • assortment

    To date, the line of OMAKH fastening equipment has more than 1000 positions.

    All the company's products have passed state certification and are confirmed by quality certificates.
  • control

    The quality of fastening equipment is constantly monitored by independent experts cooperating with the OMAKH company.

OMAH catalog

Screws, screws, dowels, consumables, fasteners for fittings, anchors, fasteners, clamps, nails, mounting foam, sealant
  • Self-tapping screws OMAH
    Self-tapping screws
    T, G, etc.
  • Screws OMAH
    TYPE-17, DIN571, etc.
  • Dowels OMAH
    Rondol, Driva, etc.
  • Consumables OMAH
    Saws, sanding sheets, etc.
  • Mounting foams OMAH
    Mounting foams
    Professional , etc.
  • Nails OMAH
    Latunated , etc .
  • Clamps OMAH
    DIN 3017, etc.
  • Anchors OMAH
    Ceiling, double-spacer, etc.
  • Metric fasteners OMAH
    Metric fasteners
    DIN 603, DIN 96, etc.
  • Rigging OMAH
    DIN 763, DIN 766, etc.
  • Perforated fasteners OMAH
    Perforated fasteners
    KBE et al.
  • Retainers OMAH
    High chair-30, Stand, etc.
  • Fasteners for plumbing OMAH
    Fasteners for plumbing
    For fixing sinks, etc.

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